Winter Elopement Ireland

As I mentioned in my last blog post about different types of elopements to Ireland, it does indeed take all kinds including those willing to plan a winter elopement Ireland!

Ashton and Jake were another example of that. She American and he English from Bristol, were young, beautiful, in love and ready for the adventure of a winter elopement in Ireland on the Wild Atlantic Way. The wild west of Ireland.

Ashton contacted me with quite a short lead in time for their elopement. We had just over 3 months to plan their wedding for late November last year but we got it done with time to spare!

It took two brave soles like these to get out into the cold and wet on their wedding day with a great equally adventurous photographer to achieve the beautiful shots of them that you see here. That photographer was Egle from White Cat Studio.

On the elopement day, we banished Jake from the cottage that they had rented for the week just outside of Dingle as she got ready there happily on her own.

Ireland elope to Ireland destination wedding Ireland

Irish cottage accommodation wedding preperations







Irish cottage wedding preparations

winter wedding flowers thistle white roses heather


bridal head wreath



Flowers and floral crown were by our local florist here in Dingle and once ready, she braved the elements to meet Jake close by at the beach for their first look.



wedding first look photo picture




floral wedding head wreath boho wedding floral crown




Back to the cottage to freshen up, Jake headed to the ceremony and Ashton showed off her baking skills {to the cottage’s pup} with the wedding cake she baked herself.




Once at the ceremony location, we realized they were not alone. A group of friends had all come over from Bristol to get a glimpse of the couple’s wedding. I couldn’t leave them outside could I? so we pulled up a few chairs and a few of the men stood at the back while they exchanged their vows, lit candles and promised themselves to each other with a Celtic hand fasting ceremony while overlooking a stormy winter sea.













Once the couple were official, they bundled up and it was outside again to take advantage of the scenery for more rustic shots on the hills of Ireland before meeting their friends in the warmth of an Irish pub.










In Ireland, everything ends up in the pub!

All in all it was a beautiful wedding full of warmth and love on a cold wet winter November day.

Thanks again to Egle at White Cat Studio for letting me share and more congrats to Ashton and Jake! xx

Eloping to Ireland – Your Style

All of our couples are so different and although we offer a comprehensive and inclusive package for eloping to Ireland, it’s important that they have input on what they want, what they envision and makes them know the day has been planned just for them.

It’s important that if they want privacy, that they get it. If they like to mingle and socialize, that they can do that too. The flowers should be to their taste and colors, location that matches their vision and most importantly a ceremony created for them by them with a celebrant who will work with them on all of customs and traditions they want.

A traditional church elopement

Gougane Barra Church elopement Ireland

elopement at Gougane barra Church Ireland

Photos of Morgan and Herb by Andrew O’Dwyer Photography 

A classic civil ceremony elopement

Civil ceremony elopement in Ireland

Civil ceremony elopement Ireland

Photos of Annie and Matt by Aoife Herriott

Just the two of you elopement



Photos of Debbie and Rainer by McMahon Studios



Photos of Ariana and Cody by The Lou’s

You need never be alone elopement



Photos of Nicole and Shane by Bartek Witek

Wicklow Elope to Ireland Irish elopement eloping in Ireland Glendalough

Wicklow Elope to Ireland Irish elopement eloping in Ireland Glendalough

Photos of Anna and Justin by Couple Photography

There are so many locations and styles for your elopement. And because it’s all about you, we will help you make it all yours!

Abbey Ruins, VW Bus and Lots of Love

This wasn’t our first elopement by a long shot, in fact it was a few years ago now, but when Clare and Ryan decided to elope to Ireland, I feel like their destination wedding catapulted what could be done for eloping in Ireland. They are a very special couple their day really kicked off something wonderful.

They were so full of love for each other and just beamed it along with a genuine kindness. You will see that come through in the photos here by Darek Smietana.

We all met up the night before the wedding for a drink in Doolin and got to know each other a little better. Telling stories about how we all got to Ireland and why it’s such a wonderful place. The stories were set to a background of Irish music in McDermott’s Pub and the scene was really set. Here is how it went




As Clare and I were planning, images and Pins were shared via Pinterest and I saw images of lots of VW buses and that they were from a beach town in California it wasn’t surprising but when Clare said that they both adored the cars, I set about trying to find one – and did! But we didn’t tell Ryan who was surprised and delighted to see his drive to his wedding. So fun.


wedding VW bus Ireland

He did know he was going to an abbey ruins for the ceremony and thankfully, though it was a little chilly and breezy, the rain held off all day.

Abbey ruins elopement Ireland



Clare and Ryan’s ceremony was a mix of Celtic ceremony and western tradition with hand fasting and rings, meaningful vows and  a few tears but ending in a loving kiss.

celtic wedding ceremony Ireland





Abbey ruins wedding Ireland

Eloping to Ireland wedding



ancient historic abbey wedding eloping to Ireland

Celtic wedding Ireland


Historic Abbey Ruins wedding Eloping to Ireland


Destination wedding Ireland Elope









Oops! how did that last photo get in there?? Anyway, Clare was prepared for the hills and the climbing walls to get their amazing photos. A beautiful Irish wool wrap and wellie boots were required as you will see!









Of course a quick stop at the pub was required to warm up. It was closed but a simple knock on the door and the owner couldn’t say no to our bride and groom. They look like they locals in the place.










Afterwards they set off around the cliffs of Clare. It just doesn’t get much better than this!






And you have no idea how difficult it was to choose photos for this. There were so so many beautiful images. As I always say, just being in love and full of joy makes for the best wedding photos. Thanks to Clare and Ryan for choosing us to help create your wedding day and to Darek Smietana again for the amazing photos. Apologies to you all for making you wait for them!

Medieval elopement Carlingford

Medieval elopement Carlingford

Hello Carlingford 

Carlingford is an ancient  town steeped in history right back to the Iron age. It’s building and castles look as they have sprung straight out of a the page of a Harry Potter book and this where Sean and Julie had decided to have their elopement. Both Sean and Julie had been to Ireland on a few occasions before before they contacted us about their elopement.

An elopement in the beautiful medieval town of Carlingford would be a first for us but always up for trying something new and adventurous we went for it!

Introducing our beautiful elopement couple

Both Julie and Sean had just gotten engaged after they contacted us to set up their special day. They both hail from the Rocky mountain state that is Colorado. Sean proposed to Julie at the bear cage at the zoo and we still haven’t found out why 😀 .

Medieval elopement Carlingford

project_20161110_0001 project_20161110_0002 Medieval elopement Carlingford Medieval elopement Carlingford

They decided on Ghan house as their choice of venue for their elopement. This eighteenth century Georgian house built way back in the early 18th century was perfect elopement venue you could not get greater staff and a great restaurant to boot. Our couple booked their accommodation at Ghan house also.

Julie had decided to add some images from friends and family from home to her bouquet that we ordered from O’Neill’s flowers in Carlingford. Julie wanted something with ” fun pops of vibrant colors” and a winter/Halloween feel. Gerry came up trumps.project_20161110_0012

project_20161110_0014project_20161110_0013project_20161110_0015Medieval elopement Carlingford couple meeting at the alterproject_20161110_0016project_20161110_0018 project_20161110_0019 project_20161110_0020

Steady on there Sean! 😉

project_20161110_0010project_20161110_0011Julie showing Vivienne a few images of her family back home in Colorado that she pinned to her bouquet. They also had Alphavideo shoot there ceremony for them so they could show the folks back home.

Onwards to Carlingford Abbey

The ceremony at Ghan house was a beautiful and touching ceremony by Vivienne from Spiritual Ceremonies. We all nipped over to the  medieval Carlingford Abbey for a small celtic handfasting ceremony. All the great images are brought to you by Viv Holst from Holst Photo. Who was fab on the day. Thank Viv.

project_20161110_0023 project_20161110_0024 project_20161110_0025 project_20161110_0026 project_20161110_0028

A wee trip around the medieval Carlingford town.

Sean and Julie decide to take a stroll around Carlingford and have Viv take a few photos. First stop was the Ma Baker’s pub and a lesson every bride should learn. How to pull a pint of Guinness just incase of emergencies of course.project_20161110_0031 project_20161110_0033 project_20161110_0034 project_20161110_0035project_20161110_0030project_20161110_0029project_20161110_0037

A great and fun Halloween was had by all and thanks to everybody in Carlingford and in making it so. From Primrose lane bakery for a beautiful cake and  Hair and makeup was by Majic hair design and thanks to Sean and Julie for letting be a part of their special day!

Thanks guys.

Hints and tips-Elope to Ireland – Lesson 1

I’m not going to say my couples ever get it wrong when they plan their destination elopement wedding to Ireland , but I will say that often they can make things a bit easier on themselves when they Elope to Ireland so I have a few hints and tips to help you do that.

This list of hints and tips is not exhaustive and I know I’ll think of more. As the years go on I learn more and more. Still, even after 4 years!

Lesson 1 is about the dress and attire.

Firstly and the big tip is the dress isn’t it? If you love love love a dress, I’m not going to tell you not to buy it but your travel and wedding day will be easier if:

  • It’s lace. Lace doesn’t crease as much as silk, chiffon and polyesters. Tulle would be next on my preference for best travelling fabric for dresses.
  • Size of the dress. Big poufy dresses are heavy and awkward. If you are lucky enough that it’s a warm day in Ireland, it will be hot. If it’s damp and wet, you will never be fully covered under an umbrella and it’s not pretty having to drag your skirt around. Besides, if you are eloping, yours probably won’t be a formal ceremony so even etiquette says your attire should go with the formality of the day.

Hints and tips-Elope to Ireland short-wedding-dress-elope-to-ireland-savo-photography

Photo of Amanda and Sean by Savo Photography

  • The train on the dress? Same theory as above. Less is more here. Or maybe I should say, shorter or none will get you further keeping cleaner. If it’s an indoor ceremony, great! We can bustle it for you before you go for photos but if you are hoping for an outdoor ceremony, keep it from short or none. It will be easier to travel with and better when you take it out of the bag. Also, those beautiful typical Irish scenery photos that you really, really want could have you climbing over fences and up mountains or along cliffs. You don’t want to be dragging your dress around.
Hints and tips-Elope to Ireland Wedding of Cathy and Daíre on Valentia Island, Co. Kerry Ireland STRICT COPYRIGHT OF POPPIESANDME PHOTOGRAPHY

                       Photo of our bride Cathy in the Kerry Mountains by Poppies and Me

  • I’m a shoe person but my thoughts on them are pretty much the same as for the train on a dress. We can change them after the ceremony if required and I do recommend that you bring flats, boots or wellie boots for after the ceremony for during photos while your amazing photographer is trying to get you to climb up that mountain.
Hints and tips-Elope to Ireland Kara Kelton and Nathan Smith elope to Minard Castle, Lispole, Co Kerry, Ireland with the help of Captured by Poppiesandme Wedding Photography

                                  Photo of our bride Kara in her wellie boots by Poppies and Me 

  • Outerwear can be beautiful and in keeping with the Irish theme. An Aran cardigan, beautiful cream woollen scarf or wool blanket can keep you warm and look great in photos

Hints and tips-Elope to Ireland Irish wool bridal wrap. Photo by Darek Smietana

Photo of our bride Clare by Darek Smietana 

Hints and tips-Elope to Ireland Plaid wedding wrap Irish wedding elope to Ireland photo by White Cat Studio

Photo of our bride Ashton by White Cat Studio

  • The groom, as always, is easier. A tweed or wool suit or just a nice waistcoat/vest tend to travel really well and he is probably going to have flat shoes already right? {Ok, now I have a ridiculous image in my head. Stop!} So he should be ok.
  • Travelling with your wedding attire, I do suggest you carry them on to the plane. I have had couples who have lost their luggage in the past and you can always buy new underwear, jeans, or whatever but if you don’t have the dress or his suit on your wedding day, it would be awful.

Your wedding clothes should be taken out of the garment bags as soon as you can to refresh them and fluff the dress but I know that isn’t always possible.

In most cases you will be close enough to a cleaners who can steam your dress or even clean it after your wedding. The Irish dirt typically will come out from the bottom of the dress but it’s comfort and beauty that you want. If you are uncomfortable you will look awkward and you don’t want that.

So all in all, it’s pretty common sense if you think about it but sometimes that goes out the window when you see a dress or shoes you really love. Believe me I know! I just needed to put the practicalities out there. Beauty and comfort can be done and you will be happier for it!

Hope all of that helps!!

Annie  x