Medieval elopement Carlingford

        Medieval elopement Carlingford

        Hello Carlingford 

        Carlingford is an ancient town steeped in history right back to the Iron age. It’s building and castles look as they have sprung straight out of a Harry Potter book and this where Sean and Julie had decided to have their elopement. Both Sean and Julie had been to Ireland on a few occasions before they contacted us about their elopement.

        An elopement in the beautiful medieval town of Carlingford would be a first for us but always up for trying something new and adventurous we went for it!

        Introducing our beautiful elopement couple

        Both Julie and Sean had just gotten engaged after they contacted us to set up their special day. They both hail from the Rocky mountain state that is Colorado. Sean proposed to Julie at the bear cage at the zoo and we still haven’t found out why 😀 .

        Medieval elopement Carlingford

        project_20161110_0001 project_20161110_0002 Medieval elopement Carlingford Medieval elopement Carlingford

        They decided on Ghan house as their choice of venue for their elopement. This eighteenth-century Georgian house built way back in the early 18th century was perfect elopement venue you could not get greater staff and a great restaurant to boot. Our couple booked their accommodation at Ghan house also.

        Julie had decided to add some images from friends and family from home to her bouquet that we ordered from O’Neill’s flowers in Carlingford. Julie wanted something with ” fun pops of vibrant colors” and a winter/Halloween feels. Gerry came up trumps.project_20161110_0012

        project_20161110_0014project_20161110_0013project_20161110_0015Medieval elopement Carlingford couple meeting at the alterproject_20161110_0016project_20161110_0018 project_20161110_0019 project_20161110_0020

        Steady on there Sean! 😉

        project_20161110_0010project_20161110_0011Julie showing Vivienne a few images of her family back home in Colorado that she pinned to her bouquet. They also had Alphavideo shoot their ceremony for them so they could show the folks back home.

        Onwards to Carlingford Abbey

        The ceremony at Ghan house was a beautiful and touching ceremony by Vivienne from Spiritual Ceremonies. We all nipped over to the medieval Carlingford Abbey for a small Celtic handfasting ceremony. All the great images are brought to you by Viv Holst from Holst Photo. Who was fab on the day? Thank Viv.

        project_20161110_0023 project_20161110_0024 project_20161110_0025 project_20161110_0026 project_20161110_0028

        A wee trip around the medieval Carlingford town.

        Sean and Julie decide to take a stroll around Carlingford and have Viv take a few photos. First stop was the Ma Baker’s pub and a lesson every bride should learn. How to pull a pint of Guinness just in case of emergencies of course.project_20161110_0031 project_20161110_0033 project_20161110_0034 project_20161110_0035project_20161110_0030project_20161110_0029project_20161110_0037

        A great and fun Halloween was had by all and thanks to everybody in Carlingford and in making it so. From Primrose lane bakery for a beautiful cake and  Hair and makeup was by Majic hair design and thanks to Sean and Julie for letting be a part of their special day!

        Thanks, guys.

        peter byrne
        November 17, 2016