Eloping to Dingle

        Ariana and Cody are a quiet couple. Very much in love and don’t need to go shouting about it. You can see it in their eyes.

        Although their elopement on the Dingle peninsula was simple and about them, Ariana knew the feeling and look it should take. Her Pinterest page was already full of photos around the Dingle area before we even spoke.

        This wedding was going to be all about the two of them immersed in beauty. And it was. And it was perfectly and fully captured by The Lous on the day {who were great to work with too!}


        Ariana Cody069

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        floral wedding head wreath

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        Once the excitement had built and both were ready, we whisked the couple away separately to Slea Head, one of the most beautiful places in Ireland {and the world!} for them to see each other dressed for marriage for the very first time.

        Ariana Cody113 Ariana Cody112

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        Wedding Slea Head Dingle

        wedding Slea Head Dingle

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        elope to Ireland Dingle eloping to Ireland

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        A few minutes alone and some more amazing photos it was time to do the business and get these two married.

        They walked into their ceremony at The Blasket Island Centre in Dunquin together to the sounds of an Irish Uillean pipes

        Irish wedding
        Destination wedding Dingle Elope to Dingle

        Ariana and Cody’s wedding ceremony was in two parts, the rings and legal requirements followed immediately by a Celtic handfasting ceremony on the nearby cliffs and them saying their own personal vows and promise to each other.

        Elope Ireland Dingle Aislinn Events

        floral wedding headpiece

        Ireland Celtic hand fasting ceremony Ariana Cody253 Ireland destination wedding

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        bohemian wedding style

        The rest of the afternoon was spent around the Dingle peninsula taking photos, revelling in the scenery frolicking up mountains and taking in a picnic. Have a look and enjoy the beauty!

        wedding Ireland Aislinn Events Elope to Ireland, Elope Ireland Eloping in Ireland

        Ireland wedding

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        Ireland Elope Irish elopement

        wedding day picnic Ireland

        wedding cheeseboard picnic

        Ireland wedding, Ireland wedding photos

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        Irish wedding photos

        Dingle Peninsula Ireland wedding

        Dingle Ireland

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        Stunning if I do say so myself! with help from Tricia at Munster Mobile hair, Sheehy’s florist in Dingle, Piper Eoin Duignan and of course the lovely lively enthusiastic Lous! For whom I have to mention that there are so many many more stunning photos of this wedding {and, of course, their others} on their website. It was so difficult to cull them you have no idea.

        Beautiful, sentimental, memorable. Thank you, Ariana and Cody, for allowing me to be a part of your day.

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        peter byrne
        November 17, 2015



        Beautiful wedding, it was simple and breath taking. I too would like to get married in Ireland but I don’t know where to start.
        Any suggestions are welcome. The two of us just want to elope together.

        Thanks Dasha.????