Seaside Castle Elopement in Co Kerry, Ireland

        Kara and Nathan wanted an elopement wedding in Co Kerry for agricultural reasons. Yes, you heard me right, not necessarily for the scenery or the seaside castle where they exchanged their vows, more for the cows. The couple were from Texas and both worked in Agriculture and with livestock specifically so they were really interested in meeting some farmers and talking shop while they were here. It was a new type of request for me but I think I managed to fulfill their hopes and even joined in the conversation a little.

        A fun loving couple, they didn’t have the best of luck however as the airline lost their luggage. They were ok for the important bits of their wedding day attire, like Kara’s dress and Nathan’s suit but they had to get a shirt for Nathan and shoes for Kara. Kara decided to make a statement and purchase a fabulous pair of Hunter Wellington Boots from a local shop in Dingle.

        All in all, it wasn’t the smoothest beginning to their trip but the pair had a fabulous day and a really great time talking cows and country and having pints and seeing the scenery with their personal driver, Delores Begley while taking photos with the always amazing and fun Poppies and Me.  They couldn’t go wrong so let’s see those photos!

        Seaside Castle Elopement Ireland bride to sitting with her hands overlapping

        bride having her hair done in the mirror

        bride having her makeup applied Seaside Castle Elopement Ireland

        Getting ready, there were girly chats with Clodagh Clusky doing Kara’s makeup and and Tricia from Munster Mobile taking care of her hair in her room at Heaton’s guesthouse in Dingle

        Kara & Nathan 0002

        bride in green welly boots

        Kara & Nathan 0213

        Nathan had to vacate the room during the beautification process so what better place to wait than Dick Mack’s Pub with a pint of Guinness.

        Kara & Nathan 0429

        bridegroom getting ready Seaside Castle Elopement Ireland

        Seaside Castle Elopement Ireland bridegroom with a silver belt and a grey suit

        Kara & Nathan 0546

        bridegroom drinking a pint of Guinness in dick macs pud dingle

        Kara & Nathan 0436

        Kara & Nathan 0659


        The couple had their most intimate ceremony at a Castle and followed with photos near Anascaul Lake and all around the Dingle Peninsula on a perfect spring day.

        Kara & Nathan 0703

        Kara & Nathan 0743

        Kara & Nathan 0750

        Kara & Nathan 0759

        Kara & Nathan 0781

        Kara & Nathan 0813

        Kara & Nathan 0875

        Kara & Nathan 0924

        Kara & Nathan 1066

        Kara & Nathan 1095

        Kara & Nathan 1276

        Kara & Nathan 1282

        Kara & Nathan 1309

        Kara & Nathan 1636

        Kara & Nathan 1342

        Kara & Nathan 1364

        Kara & Nathan 1438

        More of Dingle’s scenery as the backdrop

        Kara & Nathan 1735

        Kara & Nathan 1886

        Kara & Nathan 2164

        Kara & Nathan 2008

        Kara & Nathan 1942

        Kara & Nathan 1706

        bridal couple in dick macs bar dingle with flowers

        Kara & Nathan 2554


        We had such a great time hanging out I was so sorry it was over once their day was over but am delighted we played a small part in their meaningful and memorable wedding day.

        Congratulations again Kara and Nathan!


        peter byrne
        April 28, 2015