An Island on an Island Elopement

        An Island Elopement

        You have to be an adventurous couple to have an Island elopement ceremony in the middle of a lake. Because that means, an open-top boat, in Ireland in your wedding dress.

        Emma and Josh were that couple! Gorgeous Emma in her elegant dress donned a very unglamorous waterproof coat and life jacket, hopped on that boat and off we went!

        In our initial consultation when I asked what their vision was, I admit, their answer was a little more reserved than what actually happened on the day but I put the option of these abbey ruins on an island in the middle of a lake and they both went for it. Wholeheartedly as you will see!

        The romance of their story is that this really was a secret elopement. Friends and family didn’t know they had come to Ireland to elope at all. It was all about the two of them. They helped each other get ready and get dressed, had a pint of Guinness together before the ceremony and really just beamed love and togetherness over the whole day.

        Once we got to the island, the weather was fine, the island was empty except for the wild deer and they had their meaningful, sentimental elopement wedding ceremony in the quiet peace of an abbey ruins.

        Have a look at the beautiful photos by Konrad Paprocki and let us know if you are as adventurous!!

        Island Elopement groom holding wedding rings in hand

        Island Elopement groom buttoning shirt before wedding Island Elopement groom getting ready with his tie

        Island Elopement putting on tie and jacket Island Elopement wedding dress hung up

        Island Elopement bride looking a wedding dress


        Island Elopement bride coming down stairs before first look Island Elopement before first look

        Island Elopement groom behind bride first look island Elopement groom behind bride first look


        island elopement couple embrace island elopement bride stops makeup running crying island elopement get ready for boat

        island elopement bride and groom on island beside island elopement receiving vows handfasting ceremony

        Thanks goes to everyone involved Cahernane house, White Heather florists, Sean Taffe Hair and Makeup  Konrad Paprocki 

        What a great Adventure!!!


        Annie Byrne
        February 23, 2020